Aph TarEdit

This island is home to the werebears, a lawful good group of people who spend their time split between their more cunning human forms and tougher, stronger ursine forms.  They live mostly at the eastern city of Treuthair, but can be seen in smaller settlements throughout the great forest. Halflings live in the hills to the northwest and southwest of Treuthair, farming and herding sheep and riding rabbits.


This crescent-shaped smaller continent is largely desert, home to the largest population of blue dragons as well as halflings, who primarily live at either end. A mountain range runs from end to end, creating a narrow strip of dense jungle on the north slope.


This continent is home to the Bovus races, the plans and cavern minotaurs. These two groups live very different lives, with the cavern Bovus living together with the gnomes of Bala Hasun, the Caverns of Wonder. Madawara is also home to a number of human towns, the Tower of Abjuration, a clan of blue dragons and various dungeons and locations of danger and adventure.

Nauph ImbolEdit

A smaller island dominated by a great mountain honeycombed by many caves. The inhabitants, the stone apes, consider the entire mountain to be a temple to their god of the earth, a great gold and stone lion. Trespassers are sacrificed, though treasure hunters still take their chances frmo time ot time due to tales of truly massive gemstones and precious metal idols.

Seer's IsleEdit

This small jungle island north of Tairshe is inhabitd by a tribe of less technologically advanced humans who live in huts near the west end.  In the jungles to the east live some intelligent birds(having language and society comparable to human and able to speak common). The isle gets its name from the presense of the Tower of Divination.


Once a great civilization of four main kingdoms working the land for food, metals and lumber, a blight like no other has infested this continent, slaying every living thing which lived there and bringing them back as undead versions of themselves. They also say that the boundaries between worlds is weak here, allowing nightmare creatures to cross over from the Dream Realm.


This large continent is home to the Stonefang dwarves who live under the wester mountain range, the largest population of centaurs in the eastern plains, black dragons in the north and a race of psychic turtles in the southwest's Redmist Vale. Margesh is the primary human port, on the southern shore, with Ferronus to the northwest, close to the mountains.


Home of the majority of humans and elves, this continent spans the temperate into the tropical zone in the northern part of the world. Home to silver dragons and what meager population of green dragons still exist, the landscape is dotted with terribly old buildings and sites built by long forgotten groups of dwarves, elves, dragons and giants.

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