Somnuran Wiki


These are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhoooood!

Celia Prou[]

Daughter of owner of the pub, Pewter Pail, acolyte of Shirani, Celia is a kind young woman who stands in a unique position, being privvy to the more and less respectable sides of Iko.

Inaz Erodssen[]

Clerk of the House of Four Pillars, the congress of guilds.  He is the contact point for officially sanctioned or ordered jobs in and around Iko. Of normal build, 50's, ink smudges on every piece of clothing he owns and his hands. He is constantly juggling the schedules of the heads of the three guilds. He is high strung because each of the heads thinks he is their personal servant. He offloads less cerebral tasks to commoners to keep his sanity.

Terg Amal-Odh[]

Guard commonly stationed at the entrance of the House of Four Pillars, Broad, tough looking, communicates mostly through glares and grunts.


Skur is a goblin that first loosed an arrow at the party as they were adventuring north of Iko. Josen hired him as a guide after the party killed his entire raiding party. He was executed for cowardice in the face of a giant metallic magical skunk.