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This is a page on the religions in Somnuran.

Gods and Goddesses[]

Arimel - ancient god of light, day and the sun, brother of Shirani

Astaedro - ancient god of war. Diametrically opposed to Rouda. Slain in the attack which destroyed Dal.

Behoran - ancient god of memory, recordkeeper of the gods, long since dead, but still listed in many books which contain roles of gods.

Chroma - goddess of color, often regarded as patroness of all artists, but particularly painters. Daughter of Shirani.

Dal - a young man-turned god of magic in the course of the conflict between the Hand and the Chaos Mages. Dal inherited Behoran's power and ascended, bringing the Pax Magica, a period of calm amid the storm, to Somnuran.

Gashnir - god of travelers, messengers and to a lesser degree, merchants. With no static structures as temples, the open road is the place of worship for followers of Gashnir. They built way shelters along roads and paths and provision them to support other travelers and move at great speeds across the lands.

Joboo - God of celebration and inebriation. Typically they are the best brewers and vinters and can even cause drunkenness with their magic. Joboo can be unreliable, as his excesses sometimes leave him hung over or incapacitated.

Procoroll - Master of cold and winter, lesser known in the north, save for some notable events of unnatural winters which have occured from time to time, as cold and harsh as his sphere of influence, followers seek to emulate his demeanor and cruel approach to success, hoping he will admire their efforts and reward them, rather than directly praying and asking for boons, which he would see as weakness.

Rouda - generally a god of peace, peacekeeping and righteous action.  Followers are often seen aiding in relief efforts, chasing after evil creatures and humanoids. These are the most martial of the good priests.  The first paladins were followers of Rouda

Shirani - Goddess of the Sun and Dawn specifically, mother of Chroma and Taahi Flamehair, sister of Arimel, an earlier, less well known god of the sun and daytime.

Taahi Flamehair - lesser goddess of change, fire and autumn, she is the daughter of Shirani and Procoroll

Notable Believers[]